Astringent toner, alive with botanical goodness from ancient times. Tightens even skin with conspicuous pores, and improves foundation wear.

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The goodness of specially-selected plants, combined. Cares for daily concerns such as lack of hydration, conspicuous pores or no translucency, giving you beautiful natural skin that’s silky soft. Penetrates with a pleasant sensation, while feeling refreshingly cool. Snaps even concerning pores shut. Inhibits oiliness and stickiness, keeping your skin as smooth and clear as just after your skin care routine. Improves makeup application and wear, and keeps your skin looking as beautiful at night, as it does in the morning. Locks in necessary hydration during the day, keeping your skin looking vibrant. Tested for stinging (skin irritation) (Results may still vary depending on the individual.)

Agua, dipropilenglicol, butilenglicol, fitosterilo ,octildodecilo lauroil glutamato, aceite de ricino hidrogenado, hidrogenados polideceno, glicosil trehalosa, dipentaeritritilo, limonene.

Use before applying makeup. Saturate a cotton pad with product, then apply by patting onto skin.


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